Performant Subgraph Indexing

Speed up your app with our best-in-class blockchain indexing and query platform. Never worry about downtime or lag again.

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The Complete Subgraph Platform

Speedy Indexing And Queries

Delight your customers with up to 2x lower data lag and release features quickly with up to 5x faster indexing.

99.9% Uptime

Highly reliable query API for production-grade blockchain applications.

99.9% Uptime
White-Glove Support

White-Glove Support

Boost your productivity with a technical support team that responds within 1 hr on average and gives you custom recommendations.

Advanced metrics and monitoring

Gain clarity into how your subgraph is performing with real-time indexing and query metrics.

Direct database access

Unlock powerful SQL aggregations and build advanced features with direct read access to your subgraph’s PostgreSQL DB.

Direct Warehouse Syncing

Unify your data abstractions by syncing snapshots of your subgraph entities into your data warehouse.

Flexible versioning

Deploy and query multiple versions of your subgraph with seamless CI integration. Test features before going live and rollback instantly.

One of our core developers used to spend 0.5-2 hours per day dealing with subgraph maintenance. With Alchemy Subgraphs, it is now 0 hours per day and initial syncs are up to 2x faster than previous hosting solutions.

Karel Vuong
Co-Founder at Treasure

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Alchemy Subgraphs helps you move faster with a reliable subgraph indexing platform and white-glove support.

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